Feb 20, 2012

Well Hello Basketball!

Okay sports fans last week we celebrated Valentine's Day and the great Michael Jordan's 49th birthday (Hence the vintage MJ V-day card)!
So where to begin?? This weekend is my favorite of any sports' all star weekends... the NBA All Star Weekend! I can't wait! We've got the Rising Stars Challenge, comprising of 9 rookies and 9 sophomores drafted in two teams with coaches Barkley and Shaq leading the way. Then we have the skills challenge, 3pt contest and dunk contest. The next day, its the big show itself pitting the East against the West. Click here for line-ups and participants. Who do you think will win the dunk contest? I'm liking Shumpert or Williams to take the crown this year!

Moving on to the college boys now, we are less than 3 weeks away from Selection Sunday!! Another one of my favorites... seriously I've scheduled my vacation time around the NCAA tournament! I love how anything can happen and I also love how history and stats play a role when filling out a bracket. Its like a perfect storm of sports and nerdery :) I won't be hypothesizing as to who gets the call on Selection Sunday, but I do believe the top 4 seeds will be Kentucky, Syracuse, Missouri, and Duke. We still have plenty of time for that to change and we can't forget all the conference championships too!
Well I know what I'm gonna be doing this weekend, watching some all stars playing round ball. What do yall have planned? Let the Huns know!!

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  1. the crafty hun2/21/2012

    i totally think i received a valentine like that as a kid! 


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