Jan 19, 2012

Organizing with Pinterest!

Oh PINTEREST, how I love you!!
The biggest social network to blow up the interwebs has been Pinterest! One could lose herself there for hours. On one of my latest browsing comas I found THIS pin and immediately knew it was perfect for me! As you can see below, my system was inefficient. Although I kept things neatly, it was a major pain to pull out my item. Steps: pull out box, rummage through box to find belt/scarf I was looking for, realize I made a mess, leave mess for later because I'm in a hurry!
What I didn't expect was having such a hard time finding a clear
organizer. Big Lots had girly ones for children, Walmart had an expensive faux tweed, and finally at Target I found one close enough for $8! Originally I would have preferred a transparent organizer, but now that I have the translucent version I think it blends in nicely with the door without looking messy. The version I purchased has very well made prongs that clip onto the door in three places and doesn't keep the door from shutting properly! Score!

Now that I can SEE everything, I'm more apt to wear everything! Since this project I have purchased another organizer for the back of my bathroom door. Twenty-four holes for the all product I require each morning!

I think the coat closet will be getting its very own organizer soon, too!
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  1. Not sure if you saw my admittance on Facebook, but I heart me some Pinterest!!! Did you see where someone cut that organizer in half, attached it to the door under the sink, and stored various cleaning supplies in each hole??? LOVE IT!!!

  2. Pinterest is crack. I love it!


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